Home Equity

Is a cash-out refinance right for you?

Home equity in most American homes is a substantial part of a homeowner’s net worth. Home equity accumulation that is not earning interest or assisting in building equity in a homeowner’s finances is an asset not being deployed efficiently to maintain equity balance. By definition, liquidity is the ability or ease at which assets can be converted to cash. Liquidity is a must in times of duress or emergency and not being adequately capitalized in cash for easy and immediate access can spell disaster.

House Rich and Cash Poor is a common problem that homeowner’s face due to their lack of liquidity at their disposal. Home equity should be used to balance the disproportionate access of equity to cash. Liquidating a balanced portion of accumulated appreciation to realign debt, do home improvements, reserve 6 months living expenses in cases of emergency, or buy a second home are all smart ways to use appreciation to leverage a greater return on investments and live a bigger life.

With a substantial amount of homeowner net worth locked up in home equity, PCMA can help turn paper value into real buying power. Call today to speak with one of our friendly and experienced Credit Officers for your free benefits analysis.