About Us

Private client experts who work for you.

We are private client lending

PCMA is an idea of being more than what is expected. A collective of personas obsessed with creating experiences to captivate our clients and to elevate intention. We dream, we build, and we execute on ideas that inspire our clients and grow the mystique and prestige of our brand. PCMA’s proprietary “Experiential Process of Service” is an innovation in experiential design where the focus is on the experience of the client when interacting with the organization, rather than simply the functional benefits following the advisory services delivered. We created all this so you could have access to strategies and services you deserve and that celebrate you.

Independent and impartial

Our Certified Mortgage Advisors are a unique group of people who have risen to the highest ranks of their professions. Every member of our team is certified in their areas of competency and practice and have mastered the complexities of private client lending. Concierge consulting from PCMA is designed around you. Every member of our firm operates within the framework and principles of the PCMA Ascension Method – meaning all strive to new heights of experiential service and execution. We consistently make choices that we believe serve the interests of our customers for the long term, and we simply do not tolerate abusive, misleading or fraudulent lending practices. Our vision is to serve the needs of our sophisticated clientele, help them succeed financially, be the premier provider of mortgage services, and be known as one of America’s great companies.

Our founder

We recognize that in order to be relevant, we must build vitality into everything we do. We know it’s not about customer loyalty any longer, it’s about PCMA’s loyalty to our customers
– John Lynch Founder and CEO
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