Are you fun, ambitious and a little bit different? If so, you sound just like us…


Here at PCMA we like to take a unique approach to a market that often puts profits first and consumers second. We are looking for talented people who are full of energy for the role and possess a genuine passion to achieve high results, whilst always having their customer’s interests at heart. That’s why we decided to scrap commission and replace it with a reward system that focuses on your excellent customer service skills — as long as you are making the right sales for the right people you will never be out of pocket.

We think working here is a two-way thing. As a trusted member of our growing team you have every opportunity to excel — we will support you not only with an excellent training program but we will develop your career plan around where you want your future to be. As more and more people are relying on our accurate, tailored and impartial mortgage advice, the growth of our business spells big opportunities for you.