Mortgage brokers

Growing your practice through private client lending

Are you serving the right clients?

Focusing on mass affluent and high net worth homeowners and investors is a keyway brokers can increase the value of their market services and grow their firms. In fact, serving a small number of wealthier clients can be more efficient and profitable than addressing a broader market segment. While competition for clients and non-agency loan volume generally escalates the further upmarket brokers move, the PCMA PartnerUp™ market share program can enable certified mortgage advisors on the unique needs and expectations of these accomplished and experienced households—and create a client experience to meet those needs.

Elevate Your Profile

Mass Affluent and High Net-Worth households offer a significant opportunity for mortgage professionals willing to take the steps to meet this segment’s needs. Although fewer in number, this group represents greater wealth, buying power and potential for growing the value of your practice and client book. Increased competency in the areas of practice related to the needs of the private client community is a tremendous value of your service. Similarly, positioning your firm with PCMA Private Client will give you the broad range of services and solutions that are crucial to competing in this space. Expanding your business to serve more affluent clients while maintaining your independence can set up your firm for lasting success. To learn more about the PCMA PartnerUp™ program please visit