Our principles

Everything we do is client-centric.

Ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen in a professional transaction.

Every Financial Services firm has principles. And most of the time they probably sound the same. We believe PCMA is different in almost every way. Our principles were deliberately created with you in mind.

We are in the luxury service business. We serve only accomplished and sophisticated estates, just like you. That’s why we have built our firm on the foundation of curated experiences for the private client community.

You work with a team of exceptional professionals that are dedicated to working with you and for you, based solely on your needs and not those of the firm. We did this on purpose.

In todays homogenized world it is difficult for the mass affluent and high net worth to garner advice that meets their needs and at a level they can trust. You need advice that is tailored for you and solutions that are assembled to your unique needs.

That’s why PCMA believes the relationship between your advisor is an important aspect of successful wealth creation and homeownership.

Our Core Principles

PCMA is guided by a set of unique principles that have shaped every part of our business. You’ll see this in everything from how we build client relationships to the mortgage management strategies we recommend. In a world of point-and-click solutions, our approach may not be right for everyone. But we’ve learned through decades of experience that it’s a way of helping you succeed.

Focus on You — We cater exclusively to Mass-Affluent and High-Net Worth estates looking to maximize the return on their real estate holdings. All aspects of our firm support this. Everything we do is aligned to help us better understand and serve the private client community.

We like to work with clients who share our view of wealth creation and mortgage management. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are successful real estate portfolios. We work in concert with our clients in the definition and delivery of intended outcomes and navigate steady progress towards them over time.

So, whether you have an investment portfolio or a castle, our certified advisors will work with you to develop a suitable leverage strategy. We value every client and it is an honor to be a part of their team.

Three keys to our service:

  • A team of experts working on their behalf

    A personal mortgage advisor is at the heart of our relationship with the client and works closely with them to understand their needs and objectives. All our mortgage advisors are professionally qualified with the highest professional qualification in the industry.

    Our mortgage advisors are supported by a team of specialists. They all play an integral role in the service we deliver.

    This combined expertise helps to ensure that we deliver the best possible mortgage advice to our clients.

  • A personal mortgage plan for the future

    Our focus is on understanding our clients’ personal objectives before setting out what actions they may need to take to achieve them. We help clients make the important decisions about their financial future by creating a personal mortgage plan.

    We explain the different options available to them and guide clients through the complexities of mortgage finance to help them build a secure financial future for themselves and their families.

  • A clear focus on our clients

    Our clients are at the heart of our business and we respect and value the trust they place in us. Working alongside our clients, we tailor our solutions accordingly to help them achieve their financial goals.