Primary/Second Home Mortgage.

High-Net-Worth Lending for Private Clients

When your estate comes with a high price tag look no further than the OMEGA program. Built to accommodate the needs of High-Net-Worth Entrepreneurs in the purchase or refinance of prized real estate assets.

  • Purchase or Refinance
  • Loan Amounts: $1Million – $10 Million
  • 30 I 40 Year Amortization
  • 10 Year Interest Only – Reduced Debt Service
  • Tax Return – No Tax Return Testing
  • Bank Statements – 12 Month Business Cash Flow Stability Review
  • Assets & Reserves – No Pledge or Collateralization I Hybrid Flexibility
  • Equity Access – $500K – $5MM Cash Out
  • 30 Day Closing Process

PCMA understands the needs of complex and sophisticated estates. Born out of our proprietary private client credit portfolio, OMEGA is a unique blend of Private Client Flexibility and Concierge Services delivering a bespoke lending experience for your aspirational clientele.

Best and Final Pricing A Private Client Pricing Model.

All our programs are presented as a “Best and Final” offering. We always trade on the side of our client and our “Best and Final” pricing allows us to be customer centric. We take a Private Client approach to our Best and Final offerings to respect all of our clients in a manner that is not traditionally respected in the credit industry.

How can we ever claim to be client centric if we allow one client to out negotiate another client, therefore we have no respect for any of our clients. Our ‘Best and Final’ approach simplifies the terms offered and takes the complexity and stress out of the point of sale.