Our founder

CEO/family man/disruptive entrepreneur

Unexpected expected™

From very humble beginnings to running my own firms earning billions, this journey has given me a crystal-clear purpose, cause and belief:
I work hard to inspire all to create the unexpected, so that unexpected becomes expected
In my companies, innovative habits are sought, modern ways mastered, and zero complacency insisted on. To me, disruption lives in the roots of Exclusivity and Originality, not novelty. My appetence for helping others develop and grow is my true north and my ambition is beyond measure. This odyssey I call my life, complete with its flaws, has been well documented and shared – always will be. But above all, I’m driven to be a good father, husband and neighbor. Pretty unexpected huh?

A founders vision

We recognize that in order to be relevant, we must build vitality into everything we do. We know it’s not about customer loyalty any longer, it’s about PCMA’s loyalty to our customers
After 25 years at the highest levels of professional finance our founder uncovered a trillion-dollar credit blind spot due to unintended consequences born from the well-intended Dodd Frank Legislation. When our founder first conceived of PCMA as a prestige financial services brand, he said that we must not only right the wrongs of over regulation, but we must build a firm that rebuilds trust in the system and celebrate our clients with an elevated level of services that match their accomplishments.